Sunday Mornings similar service two different times:

1.) 9:30am

2.) 11:00am


Our services offer a live worship team, relevant teaching for EVERYDAY life, and connection with others.




1298 Lincoln Hwy

Chester, WV 26034

(less than 1 mile north of Saddleridge Restaurant and 1 mile south of the Ohio River Bridge) 




What Should You Expect?

Everyday Church is made up of everyday people – saints, hypocrites, liars, and mess-ups each longing for friendship - able to be accepted where we are yet challenged to press on to experience our potential.  


We spend our time singing (though you don't need to sound all that good), as well as exploring how God desires to be inolved in our lives everyday. Dress is casual so  

t-shirts, shorts, and jeans are just fine. 

What Do We Believe?

God is GOD, not a god, or one of many gods, but GOD! He is vast, knows  everything, is everywhere, and can do anything! He Rules. He’s in charge over all which He has created which would be ummmmmm everything – that includes you, me, and all we can and can’t see.


Truth is found in what God has established in His word, the Bible. In it is found the very basis for life, guideposts that have proven correct for people throughout all generations that are just as reliable today.  In the Bible is found the history of humanity as well as that which is to come.


Imperfection is at the very core of humanity's make-up and it all began when the first people chose to do their own thing in opposition to God’s plan. It’s what we call sin. We’ve all been there, done that, and the results are not pretty: brokenness, disaster, disconnect from God and ultimately death.


Rescue is what God had in mind when He took on flesh and entered this world as the God-man Jesus the Christ. It was His last ditch effort, the only thing that could possibly be done to solve the great disconnect between us and Himself. Because of Jesus Christ and by faith in Him, imperfect humanity is able to be reconnected to God. 


Power to live a God honoring life is only possible by God living in us, and He does so by His Spirit. His Spirit, the Spirit of Christ lives inside every person who has trusted Him to be their rescuer. His power makes it possible for us to live above the things that dishonor Him, and carry out His plans and purpose.  


Purpose is why we were created and that purpose is knowing God and guiding others to get to know Him as well.  Everyone who has been rescued has been gifted by God uniquely in order to share these gifts with others.  Only when we share our gift with others do we truly experience the fulfillment that God is to us and those around us.


99 Market St, New Cumberland, WV 26047, USA