Amplify Student Ministries

Heroes in training...

By Christ.

For Christ.

What is Amplify?

Amplify is a youth ministry for teens 5th-12th grade. They help with service activities such as Catapult's "Plunge" events, and weekly lesson is taught by Melanie Woods.



When and Where?

Amplify students meet during the second worship service (11:00am) on Sunday mornings in the small building on the right side of the church.



Amplify Teens at the 2016 Winter Retreat in Ohio.

From performing hilarious skits to playing around in the snow outside, the Amplify Wimter Retreat is always a favorite event for our teen ministries. Students learn about the Word of God through themes such as the Hunger Games or Marvel Super Heroes, equpping them with more tools and confidence to live out their faith.

Amplify Teens Staff

Melanie Woods


Jimmy Patterson


Josh Grosso